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Mar 26, 2013 3:00am PDT
confrontation with the debt ceiling coming up i think in july. and we're going to be fighting that again. we come up with these kind of -- it is like running a hurdles race. every few months, we put up another hurdle. the race is the same race and the battle is the same one. that is whether we're going to have an approach to the budget which invests in things which will keep america growing and prospering over the next couple of decades or whether we'll just try the same austerity program that failed miserably in europe. we put up these hurdles every few months that make it difficult for the public to get a grasp on what's going on. >> bill: yeah. each time, it is we're going over the fiscal cliff. then in the meantime, we have added to it now. the sequester. where we're seeing more and more impacts of it. what have you seen in your district or what are you hearing from your colleagues about impacts of the sequester at the local level? >> well, of course, everyone has any kind of civilian military population around is beginning to feel -- there was a very poignant letter in the louisvill
Mar 22, 2013 3:00am PDT
there will be a debt ceiling fight in may. >> bill: i was getting to that. >> that's right. and republicans said if you are going to raise the debt ceiling they still want the same amount of cuts to go through. president obama has made it very clear to house republicans he is not going to negotiate on debt ceiling, just pass it clean, but they are probably going to put up a fight. >> bill: democrats last time made a lot of political hay, by taking the ryan budget and hanging it republican's necks. and they are going to do that this time? >> i am told they are making at it central focus of the 2014 campaign. however, republicans -- remember what happened last time. and they are trying to get out in front now. this budget balances the budget in ten years. they are confidence the balanced budget message will resinate with the american people. and so there are the first television ads using the balanced budget message as their key point in new york and florida. >> bill: interesting they would pick new york and florida. here is what one of those ads -- and everybody does this. they'l
Mar 25, 2013 3:00am PDT
of the congress is what? the debt ceiling? >> debt ceiling. it's a continuing resolution. i guess that's been passed. >> already passed. >> the debt ceiling, which i think was anticnated august or september, last week, i haven't checked all of the details. the last time i checked in with this, way back when the republican senators had dinner with president obama,ists told that they didn't expect the debt ceiling issue to come to a head until august or september. so, they've kind of kicked the can down on the road on that one. it will be awhile. i suspects on the budget that will be the next big thing. >> one more time. you may have missed a few if you were out of town but michelle bachman gave a controversial speech at cpac where she went after the president for living a life of luxury in the white house including the fact that he had, you know, six-figured dog walker, dana bash from cnn tried to chase down michelle bachman. she had to chase her down running, michelle bachman running away. we will play a quick clip where she refuses to back up her charge about the dog walker. here
Mar 21, 2013 3:00am PDT
still face the debt ceiling issue very shortly. >> bill: that comes up next and i think this extension goes until september if i recall seeing -- >> that's right. the end of the fiscal year uh-huh. >> bill: right. congress woman judy chew who represents the seat formerly hell by our good friend hilda solis. who often has come in studio with us. we look forward to seeing you come in the studio with us some day as well. on the issue of immigration reform, even rand paul came out and didn't go as far as the president, but he did say -- put himself in the camp of those who think it's time for immigration reform, dealing with that issue with those of us from southern california have been dealing with for a long time. are you optimistic about chances? >> i am optimistic in this time of people thinking of us being at a partisan strangle hold there is cooperation here. i was very encouraged about the work put out, i do believe that the immigration reform bill will move award. >> bill: if it moves ahead and republicans support it and they always shot it down in the past of course, it will do so
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4